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Our relationships with our franchisees are unique and collaborative. You can expect the support of a partnership as you seek to establish yourself as the lead agency for compassionate care in your local community.

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The Guardian Angel Carers brand has an excellent reputation.

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Proven Track Record

We were awarded a Care Quality Commission rating of Outstanding.

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Training Programmes

We offer comprehensive training programmes and staff development.

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Our Care Technology

Our care technology is innovative in order to facilitate efficiency.

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Marketing Assistance

We have established marketing collateral to build brand presence.

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Operational Support

Our robust policies and procedures exceed regulatory standards.

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Location, Location!

We offer comprehensive location and premises guidance.

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Supplier Agreements

We have supplier agreements to provide you with everything you require.

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Regulation Knowledge

We will give you clear guidance to care regulation in the UK.

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Our extensive industry knowledge and experience will guide you.

Our solid foundations of support

Business Coach

Having being coached as an Olympian and now as business woman, Christina strongly believes in the power of coaching to help keep you on track, identify opportunities, strengths and weaknesses; and help you set and achieve your goals.  Goal setting and planning is key to success; and having someone hold you accountable, like a personal trainer, keeps you working towards those goals, both personal and business, so that dreams can become reality.

Care Performance Manager

Every successful sportsman and businessman (or woman) is always supported by a team.  As an Olympic sailor Christina had a crew and a coach, but also a sports physiologist, psychologist, nutritionist, strength and conditioning coach, meteorologist and technical development specialists working with her.  Our Care Performance Manager is someone that truly gets the nitty gritty of delivering high quality care, they have lived it and breathed it through the Guardian Angel Carers business model.  They understand our tech systems, processes and culture, and will be able to work with you and your Registered Care Manager to support your ongoing journey to achieve your business goals.

Specialist Support

Once your business is set up you will have access to the wider Guardian Angel Carers team for specialist support.  Like Christina’s Olympic team, we have experts on hand to support you with: finance, recruitment, training, HR, compliance and marketing.

Peer Support

There is huge power in sharing your experience.  We are not all fortunate enough to have a person with whom we can confide in the highs and lows of our business and that has the knowledge and experience to offer support.  The peer support of our wider network is an invaluable asset to your future success, and those of the whole family.  After all two heads are better than one, and when you scale that up to a whole franchisee family, even the sky is not the limit!

Partnerships & Group Purchasing Power

We have built a team of trusted partners that will also support the future success of your business.  In addition, we have negotiated contracts that benefit from economies of scale and thus benefit the whole of our franchise family.

In-depth resources

Strong Brand

The Guardian Angel Carers brand has an excellent reputation in the care community. Our established brand enables you to build relationships with referral sources confidently; GP’s surgeries, health care professionals, hospital discharge teams, local support groups and charities are excellent examples of individuals and groups with whom franchisees will network.

The Guardian Angel Carers business model provides you with a robust structure that qualifies you and your team to deliver the most efficient care at an outstanding level. These structures enable our clients, our reputation, and our business to flourish and to remain healthy.

Proven Track Record

Our vision is clear and our values are person-centred, community is always at the forefront of our work. Guardian Angel Carers is a homegrown UK business, and we take pride in our abilities to personalise our services to the needs of our community. Our high standards of quality are visible in through all of our business approaches, from the management of information, to the supportive feedback we offer one another.

As a result, we are proud to announce that Guardian Angel Carers have demonstrated excellence in care with a CQC overall rating of outstanding at our Head Office.  As a franchisee, you will be supported to uphold our excellent reputation and bring the best care to your local community.

Training Programmes

Your first steps as a Guardian Angel Carers franchisee will be guided by our comprehensive onboarding training programme. We believe every position in the organisation should understand what it is the team delivering care does, so you will complete our CareAngel training.  Following this, you and your Registered Care Manager will attend a two week residential training placement at our head office.  The onboarding journey will include include homework such as local research, e-learning, coaching and support.

We have developed training pathways for each key role within the business so we will be ready to support you as you recruit and train your team of CareAngels and office staff to deliver the highest level of service. Even a few years down the line, when you are enjoying a more executive role with a leadership team in place, we are here to help you continue driving your business forward.

Our Care Technology

Here at Guardian Angel Carers we are constantly reviewing the latest systems and technological advancements to ensure we are operating as efficiently as possible.

Our management software will enable you and your team to manage your business while meeting the requirements and expectations of your clients and their families as well as your team of CareAngels.

Our care software will equip you to respond to initial client enquiries and to manage important aspects of our client relations. Our paperless ways of working ensure the seamless transition of knowledge from office to the CareAngels, all on a needs-to-know basis. This speedy activation enables our carers to deliver the most up-to-date care as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our software captures all data and statistics. This information will inform your business objectives and your KPI’s. As well, you will use this information to make decisions regarding the future growth and expansion of your business and what areas require an increase or decrease in investment.

Marketing Assistance

Here at Guardian Angels Carers our hard work and attention to detail has enabled us to build a brand that represents the high quality, compassionate care we deliver in the community. As a franchisee you will have access to a wealth of marketing collateral.

Our intuitive Guardian Angel Carers website draws both client enquiries and communication from potential CareAngels. You will have access to your own local website that you can customise. Full of news, informative blog posts, and relevant local and national updates, our website works in tandem with our social media communications to drive traffic and generate interest in our care services.

We successfully use social media to highlight our services, to provide information, and to focus our CareAngel recruitment efforts. As a member of the Guardian Angel Carers family you will receive and be encouraged to share best practice, to be innovative with ideas and suggestions for campaigns, and to communicate success stories about happy clients, families, and CareAngels.

Operational Support

Our comprehensive Guardian Angel Carers operations manual supplies you with all the policies and procedures you will require to set up your franchise. You will be guided through the manual at the franchise training sessions and your Business Coach and Care Performance Manager will assist you every step of the way.

Once your franchise is set up both your Business Coach and Care Performance Manager will provide regular and ongoing support, connecting you with the relevant Operational Support Team members who will be available to guide and support you, answering all your operational questions.

Location, Location!

Finding the right location within your franchise territory is extremely important and can be very stressful. Each Guardian Angel Carers franchise territory has been identified by analysing government data, this data and our experience can be used to suggest suitable locations within your territory.

Supplier Agreement

Our supplier agreements allow you to purchase all of the supplies you require to set up and run your business. Giving you peace of mind the quality is high, the price is reasonable and the service is reliable, enabling you to concentrate on running your business and delivering high quality compassionate care.

Regulation Knowledge

All franchisees receive regular updates on all aspects of policies and procedures related to regulations that apply to our industry and legal guidelines. These communications make sure that all necessary actions are implemented to guarantee the health and safety of our clients and CareAngels.  We take the worry and stress out of the regular updates required to keep abreast of changing legislation.  Guardian Angel Carers are rated Outstanding in Chichester by the Care Quality Commission, and we aspire to gain consistency of achievement across all sectors of our brand.

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Risk Minimisation

Setting up a new business can be high risk and it is inevitable that you will make mistakes along the way. Here at Guardian Angel Carers we minimise that risk by guiding you through each step of setting up your business and sharing the lessons learned from across the Guardian Angel Carers family.

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